Ground Survival
‚ÄčOne of the scariest places for people to find themselves in a conflict situation is on the ground.  How do I avoid being taken to the ground?  What do I do when I'm on the ground?  How do I get up?  We can help answer these questions.  

Crime Survival
Crime survival includes various specialized topics such as stalking, third-party protection, dealing with impact weapons, multiple attackers, personal safety devices, and attacks in closed spaces (elevators, on transit, in the car, etc.).  


Safeguard 360 is specifically designed to capture self-protection topics that may or may not be addressed in a typical workplace risk assessment.  Community concerns typically fall under this particular heading and specialized workshops and courses can be facilitated based on the following areas of interest:

Defensive Tactics
Learners will develop the tools needed to mitigate the risk of violence and aggression.  Training is based on simplistic effectiveness - concepts and principles must be easy to learn and easy to recall under duress.  

Knife Survival

Edged weapon violence has been getting more attention in the media and knives are the most common weapons used in violent crime.  This course is designed using evidence-based strategies that increase levels of survival when faced with an aggressor with an edged weapon.